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3 - 2 - 1 — GO!

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Get to the club 20 minutes prior to your first class. Our Hospitality Team can’t wait to meet you, get you checked in & show you to the locker rooms & classrooms. Coming for yoga? Please bring a mat, or we have back ups!

If you're trying out our open gym or meeting your trainer for the first time, you'll still want to give yourself time to park, check in & enjoy an Ethos tour.

And then you're set! Explore the Club after you check in, fill your water bottle, grab a sweat towel & enjoy!


We get it - the unknown behind that first class can be equal parts excitement & nerves. But we're here for you! We'll take you to the classroom, introduce you to your coach or yoga teacher & they'll take it from there. From the equipment to the warm up to an overview of the workout, you're covered.

Modifications are cool too - our coaches, teachers & trainers are here to challenge you, but also meet you where you are each day. Talk to us, plain and simple.

If you have a question, just look around for a fellow Athlete or a Team member. Everyone was new at some point!


Stretch, sauna, steam, showers, fully equipped locker rooms - take your pick! Leave feeling refreshed & recharged.

Grab some fuel from Tres Palmas, hang out in the cafe & be sure to tell our Hospitality Team about your first Ethos experience.

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