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ALIGN is a creative 60-minute blend of mobility, strength & stretch. With 20 minutes in each segment, you’ll increase your range of motion, test your power & lengthen the muscles you just put to work. Prepare to challenge yourself, sweat & find that beautiful balance between strength & stability in your movements.

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Our signature: RUSH is a 45-minute high-intensity interval class where you’ll push your body & mind to the max. Each class is unique & each coach will program a strength & conditioning workout where you’ll run, row, ski, bike, lift & so much more. Designed for all fitness levels, our dedicated coaches will support & challenge you to achieve just the rush you need.

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Less time = more intensity. This 30-minute twist on RUSH is designed for the busy individual who needs to maximize time & energy. You’ll increase your heart rate & your strength in this no-nonsense, mid-day burn & be out the door in 30, feeling good.

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Experience the ultimate RUSH. This 60-minute class incorporates the equipment & programming of RUSH, but takes it to the next level. More time to work means more opportunity to build strength, boost speed & endurance, and fortify your mental resolve. Confront the uncomfortable in this 1-hr battle of You vs You. Prior RUSH experience is recommended [2 classes]

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Ethos Yoga creates an inviting space where you'll increase your overall well-being through breath, mindfulness & movement. Our diverse class offerings were selected by our skilled teachers, with the Ethos member in mind, to balance your other workouts, give both your mind & body the attention they need, and challenge you on those fiery days. Work out. Work in. Experience yoga.

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Join the club within the Club. No matter where you start, this tribe accomplishes powerful things, together. Beginners: go at your own pace & our coaches will provide cues to keep you moving forward. Advanced: look for tips on efficiency, pace & endurance, and to be pushed even further. Don't overthink it: if you run, you’re an Ethos runner.

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