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Class offerings coming to Ethos Yoga @ 311 Huger St.

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Our Ethos Flow consists of fluid, mindful movement linked with breath to increase focus, flexibility & strength. Whether you're looking to get back to basics or open yourself to unique sequencing, the beauty of this class is variety in movement & teaching. Each class will begin & end with slow movements, with a mixture of heat-building postures in between, to leave the body energized & mind clear.
Flow: room temp | Hot Flow : 90°

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This class gives you the opportunity to slow down & breathe deep, while dropping into a moving meditation that works to stabilize your muscles & increase your mobility. Explore postures, hold poses for longer & build in a powerful sequence that ultimately cultivates strength, flexibility, balance & calm. Expect to leave this class feeling grounded, content & fully tuned into what your body needs.
Slow Flow: room temp | Hot Slow Flow : 90°

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This vigorous vinyasa-style yoga class is ideal for those looking to take their yoga practice to the next level, both physically & mentally. Through the connection of movement & breath, you will lengthen your muscles, build internal heat & find balance. Prepare to sweat, work your edge & earn some sweet rest in this high energy, strength-centered class.
Power Flow: 90°

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Yin Yoga is an important complement to the more active styles of fitness & yoga. This grounding practice targets the joints & connective tissue through a series of mostly floor poses & deep stretches [held 2 - 5 min], allowing you to find your boundaries, linger & explore your mental & physical flexibility. Expect abundant use of props, in a candlelit room, from a practice that decreases your stress & increases your energy.

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This comforting, candlelit class is a special blend of our Slow Flow & Yin classes. Expect [and enjoy] elements of fluidity & balance, followed by deep stretch, longer holds & stillness. Allow this class to burn away anything that no longer serves you & end your day with a practice that invites mobility, eases the mind & calms the body.

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